Incredible Sideshow Stunt Show

A sensational glimpse into the world of the bizarre.

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Amethyst are proud to present the Sideshow Stunt Show 'Incredible'. Step right up and be prepared to be amazed as you witness some of the finest, most extraordinary, bizarre and dangerous stunts that have ever been performed before the human eye.

Recently featuring on Channel 5's Up Late with Rylan, the ITV drama Houdini and Doyle and BBC's The Magicians. Incredible is a modern recreation of the classic sideshow stunts once seen in fairgrounds, carnivals and freak shows such as the world famous Coney Island.

Watch in amazement as Danny and Stephanie present a collection of thrilling marvels such as the bizarre Haman Tool Box, the extraordinary Pain Proof Girl and the terrifying death defying Master of Escape.

Hang on to your seats as incredible takes you on a thrilling, exhilarating and exciting sideshow journey that will leave you shocked, amazed and bemused.

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